1. Japanese Graphics: Vision. Tadashi Ueda. 2014
  2. Japanese Poster: Cherry Blossom Viewing. Tadashi Ueda. 2014
  3. Japanese Poster: PLAY / Tokyo Health Club. Tadashi Ueda. 2013
  4. Japanese Poster: Gassaku with Drinking. Hirofumi Abe / Tadashi Ueda. 2013
  5. Tadashi Ueda and T/A/T/E/N/A/G/A

    Japanese Graphics: Amalgam. Tadashi Ueda. 2013

    The work of Japanese graphic designer Tadashi Ueda has been featured on Gurafiku a number of times in the past.
    He recently put together a book about the design he makes for a site called T/A/T/E/N/A/G/A/ for a recent exhibition entitled, Kitchen to Kiroku. Gurafiku contributed the following essay about Tadashi’s work. Read in Japanese / 日本語で読む


    The creative process is a way many designers participate in and interact with their experience of the everyday. Alongside creating commercial work and designing for a living, many designers set aside time to create personal work as a way to fulfill the simple desire to make and be creative. More so than the work in their portfolios, these day-to-day makings give insight into the life and personality of the designer.

    Through a website he calls t/a/t/e/n/a/g/a/, Japanese graphic designer Tadashi Ueda frequently shares the output of his creative process. The work he posts often revolves around experiences and situations from his everyday life: rainy days, staying up late, farewell parties, a change of address, neighborhood cats, silly haircuts. Sometimes the subject of his graphics are more abstract, using mathematical formulas or short phrases processed into English (screen material is infinite). Other times it’s just an excuse to experiment with form or try out new techniques.

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  6. Japanese Poster: Feel Good Bath. Tadashi Ueda. 2012
  7. Japanese Graphics: Amalgam. Tadashi Ueda. 2013
  8. Japanese Poster: The ABCs of Print. Tadashi Ueda. 2013
  9. Japanese Poster: Nanba Grand Kagetsu. Tadashi Ueda. 2012
  10. Japanese Poster: Nanba Grand Kagetsu. Tadashi Ueda. 2012