1. Japanese Poster: New Nature World Exhibition. Megumi Shibazaki. 2013
  2. Japanese Movie Poster: Heat-Haze Theatre. 1981
  3. Japanese Poster: Kappo Maekawa: Japanese Gourmet Event. Keisuke Maekawa. 2013
  4. Japanese Book Cover: Burning Chrome. Yukimasa Okumura. 1987
  5. Japanese Theater Poster: Comedy Workshop. Masuda Fusanari. 2011
  6. Graphic Icons: Yusaku Kamekura


    Over the past few decades, the work of Japanese designers has begun to make its way into the larger narrative representing the history of graphic design. Among these designers is Yusaku Kamekura. His influence can be seen not only in his works of design but also in his commitment to the promotion of design in Japan.

    Released in 2013, John Clifford features Yusaku Kamekura in his book Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design. Included here is an excerpt from the book introducing the Japanese designer’s life and work.

    Some of Kamekura’s most well know design includes his colorful advertisements for Nikon and iconic posters for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. View more of Kamekura’s work on Gurafiku.

    Image credit: Graphic Icons: Visionaries Who Shaped Modern Graphic Design by John Clifford. Copyright © 2014. Used with permission of Pearson Education, Inc. and Peachpit Press.

  7. Japanese Poster: Nippon Kogaku. Yusaku Kamekura. 1954
  8. Japanese Poster: Seasonal Ingredients at Hatabo. Naoki Ikegami. 2013
  9. Japanese Exhibition Flyer: Spy On You. Toru Kase. 2013
  10. Gurafiku Review: Standout Japanese graphic design created in 2013.
Japanese Event Flyer: Lyric of Distant. Yuka Asai. 2013